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Parlez-Vous Français? I need a french to english translation. I love this short film and find it fun to watch but I think it would be even funnier for me if I knew what was going on.

It doesn't have to be a word for word, just a general run through would do. Just so I can get the gist of it. Of course, if someone wants to get detailed, I would be absolutely thrilled [go on, thrill me].
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Ok, Lionel is 6 and is being interviewed about school.

He likes lunch best - today he had meat, gravy and mash.

He doesn't like spinach or when they leave stones in the fish. There is a fish which lives in Africa which uses stones for hunting (cut to mini-cartoon).

And this is why cows in France live in the countryside, not near the sea.

He was taught all this by his teacher Mme Zob (Mrs Willy). She's a bit strange.

Couldn't get most of the last bit, but that's basically it ;o)
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It's a student film by the way.

I thought he said lunch was "vert de jus, et plus rien?"

Also, it's piranhas he says kill cows with rocks.

I couldn't get what he was saying under the credits either.
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For lunch, I think he says "viande et jus, et purée" - that's what I understood anyway!
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Well, your interpretation makes more sense!
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I thought it was "verre de jus" but my french isn't that good.
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Thanks for sharing that animation, if you know of others, can you post the webpages? The video was adorable (and in French too was a good combo).

As you requested a word-by-word translation, I am going to give it my best shot. Other people can feel free to modify or add to the text as I cannot catch every single word.

Actions are in parenthesis so that you can find the location in the video

In the very beginning, words like just a minute, hold on -

Lionel: (Cross arms) “I am ready”

Text: Lionel 6 years old we talk about …

Interviewer: Are you doing well with that?

Lionel: Yes

Interviewer: Are you having fun?

Lionel: Yes

Interviewer: What do you like best in the day?

Lionel: Mid-day

Text: … school lunch

Interviewer: the ….

Lionel: Mid-day

Interviewer: Oh mid-day. Why?

Lionel: Because I love to eat

Interviewer: Is it good to eat?

Lionel: Yes, I had puree and a glass of juice. (Gets off chair) I don’t like spinach and if it is still there, pebbles in fish.

Lionel: Do you know fish well? (Other child tries to grab his drawing) Screams

Lionel: it was good to chase that person away.

Interviewer: Who?

Lionel The little person over there

Lionel: Do you know fish well?

Lionel: The little fish lives in the forest in Africa. The little fish takes a pebble in water for ___ It is an animal that falls on in the ?river? (Yellows stars appear, Film clip about fish, rock and cow)

Lionel: and that is why cows live in the countryside (shows picture)

Interviewer: Yes, yes, excuse me

Interviewer: wow, you know a lot of things, especially about animals. Who taught you all this?

Lionel: Miss ___ Do you know my teacher?

Lionel continues to talk during the credits but it is hard to make out what he is saying.
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Now that I have you hooked :-) Why do you have so much trouble with the dialogue in the credit stages? Is it because of the drum or something else? I find the character that they have created here endearing for a number of reasons:
(i) His stick-out teeth
(ii) His haircut
(iii) His guttural sounding accent
(iv) The background kid and his haircut, who wanders around and gets his hand planted on the desk by Lionel (why does that happen?)
Are they any regional/styelistic/stereotypes that you can shed light upon?
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It is adorable for many of the reasons that you cite (I tried to go through the other animations, none were the same).

I cannot hear at the end mainly because of the drums and the volume at which Lionel is speaking drops.

Why the hand is planted on the desk - it has nothing to do with the dialogue but have you ever watched a group of 2 -7 year olds? Some children will snatch away a drawing. Some will draw on the final art work of another child. In the animation, the other child starts to place the hand on the table, perhaps to find a pen or perhaps to find Lionel's picture. Lionel instantly reacts by pushing the hand down and yelling.
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