Where to view the Perseid meteor shower near Seattle?
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I'm fairly new to the area and looking for good places to see the Perseid meteor shower this weekend near Seattle. I have a car, so having to drive to the location is fine. Any recommendations?
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Light pollution will likely factor in to the "wash out" factor less than the nearly full moon. So, anywhere that doesn't have bright skyglow.

You could also contact the Seattle Astronomical Society; they are likely hosting some gatherings with members and potential members. Astro clubs are usually quite friendly to "outsiders", and their excitement to bear witness to the wonders of space is often infectious.
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The Darksky Finder will aid you in your quest.
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Yeah, it's likely to be overcast this weekend, and the moon was full just the other night, so there probably isn't a good place to see the Perseids this weekend.

You will almost certainly have better luck with the Orionids in mid-late October, or the Leonids in mid-November, weather permitting. The moon won't be an issue in either case.
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If the sky is right it's pretty easy to view the meteor showers from Wallingford. Just go to the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford. They have a very big side yard surrounded by a wall and/or trees and very little ambient light. I foound that if you go and lay down smack dab in the middle, you can see meteor showers pretty well. When I left the city I think I drove out towards Snoqualmie, but it was in someone else's car and I'm not sure where we went. make sure you bring some warm clothes because sitting outside getting all dewy can really put the chill on you.
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Response by poster: Thanks, those are all great suggestions!
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jengineer, when the Perseids are worth seeing (and I don't believe they will be this year, because of the moon), an excellent place to view them is the parking lot at Rattlesnake Lake state park. You will find many people there, lying around on chairs and in sleeping bags, doing exactly the same thing.

It's in the hills out I-90. There are no light sources. You are in a sort of hollow, with a tall hill behind you, and the trees block out any side lights.
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