How can I improve my golf game?
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Golf. Just got some clubs and looking for advice on how to start work on my game. My normal drive starts off as a hook but ends up slicing waaaay to the left (as you can see, I'm left handed) but grrrreat distance. Advice on drive? Putting and short iron shots I have gotten a real feel for but the long shots elude me. Short on taking lessons (I abhor authority when it is physically present) how to improive my game?
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Suck it up and take some lessons. A golf swing tends to get worse and worse if you try and fix it on your own and you're not an above-average golfer. If you want to do it yourself, immerse yourself in books (see Hogan above and Tiger Woods' big coffee-table golf book) and videos, but you may not catch whatever it is in your motion that's causing the slice.
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Another classic that deserves its status is How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time by Tommy Armour. It's straight-forward, easily digestible and, above all, useful.
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