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My husband and I can choose one of two cameras as a gift from our credit card.....

So we're not looking at very much of a selection. We are camera dummies. TOTAL. Which would you choose: Fugi FinePix A350 or Canon Powershot A530?

Thank you!
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I love Canon cameras - they are easy to use.

But, to be honest, look them both up on Amazon and eBay and choose the one that is more expensive, then sell it.

Last I checked the A530 was around $100.
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Fuji makes some fine cameras too. I'd probably go with the Canon if you want to keep it, though.
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I'd go with the Canon A530. Their compacts are top-notch, very very hard to beat. The Fuji is fine as well but I really prefer Canon's UI and overall quality better (in their Point-and-shoot's anyway).
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I'd choose the Canon.

According to the Fuji camera review, it takes 3.6 seconds minimum between shots. And it uses xD-Picture cards which I've always understood to be more expensive.

Plus, with the Canon, you can zoom in more.
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Best answer: I used dpreview's side-by-side feature to look at both cameras - take a look here for more. (tinyurl link)

pros for Canon:
- offers more manual controls
- has a greater range of apertures (allowing for more flexibility)
- can focus closer
- zooms farther
- uses SD cards (cheaper and more capacious than xD)
- has more ISO range

pros for Fuji:
- smaller
- lighter
- screen has more pixels on it
- is $40 cheaper.

I'd also go with the Canon.
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I have the Fuji A350. It is slow, and I keep it in sports mode to avoid blurry pics. I picked this one because it really easy to use-kid friendly. Actually, I love it.
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While I have a Fujifilm compact myself, in your case I'd choose the Canon. The A-series has always impressed me with its excellent menus and quality images.
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I have another version of that Canon series (A610) and I like it a lot. I also used dpreview (linked by heeeraldo) to make my initial choice for camera. Be sure to read "owner's opinions", that's where you get the most useful pros and cons.
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We recommend Canon cameras above all others without reservation.
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Best answer: The Canon looks a little better, both because of the SD memory and because the controls look easier to use. Whichever one you get, you'll probably need a bigger memory card, some rechargeable batteries (disposables don't last long in digital cameras), and some simple photo editing software. None of those things are very expensive (maybe $40 total if you find some sales and some free photo software you like), and they'll make the camera a lot easier to use.
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Canon - great camera, great name, nice ergonomics. As concrete suggests, get a larger-capacity SD card than the one supplied with the camera (a 1GB card is no longer expensive and you *will* use it to its full potential, esp during holidays)

Canon cameras usually come with photo processing software that is VERY easy to use (red eye removal, levels and colour adjustment, easy cropping, stitching software to create panoramas)

You can't go wrong with the Canon. Go for it, and enjoy !! :)
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My vote goes for Canon as well, I tried a Sony a while ago and really just didn't like it. I've gotten nothing but Canon's since and have been very happy (even though my screen was just cracked on my pretty little SD450).
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Canon if only so you can use cheap SD memory.
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