Kronan bicycle in the US?
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I just returned from my second trip to Stockholm and have fallen in love (all over again) with Kronan bicycles. I don't ride my tricked out hybrid as much as I'd like - it's just too much bike - so I need to change. My plan is to sell the hybrid and buy a Kronan. But it doesn't look like they're available in the US anymore. The shop that used to sell them here in Chicago hasn't carried them for the last two years. Where can a guy find a Kronan?
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I would check out Bicycle Magazine, I did not see Kronan's in there, but they do have similar varieties of cruisers/granny bikes. Additionally there is always ebay...
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I tried some of my bike forums but was unable to find any available Kronan bikes for you.

FWIW, I got myself a sweet Phat cruiser a couple of years ago to commute to work on. I put more miles on it than on my cross country mountain bike or my full suspension bike. I understand the desire to de-complexify! My only wish is that it had a 3-speed rear hub so I could bash hills more easily (single speeds and steep hills are a tough combo!).

And don't let #1 talk you into a recumbent!
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Looked around online and got lost . . . but found this shop in Toronto that carries similar bikes made by Pashley -- maybe worth a little summer road trip (Toronto's not that far from Chicago, right? and who needs a big excuse to go to Toronto?)
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I just went through your link, and if you click the Start link at the top of the page, then International on the next screen, you get this
It lists all the retailers (non of which are in the states, nor Canada), but you could contact the retailers to see about shipping, and there's also a phone number at the bottom of the page...which is in english
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Response by poster: Thanks all - I made the same progress as you did and found that there are no retailers in the US. Seems a little over complicated and over expensive to import one, but I may go that route.

An initial search on eBay turned up nothing. I posted a wanted ad to Craigslist last night but haven't heard anything as yet (and don't really expect to).

I'll keep trying though. I realize that there are similar bikes readily available, but I like the Kronan a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to track something down!
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As the owner of a Kronan, I feel I must advise you to look for another bike. One that don't rust so easily, to name just one complaint I have about the Kronan. In they long run they simply don't hold up.
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It's a city bike. Is that what you are after? Lights, kickstand, rack, enclosed chain case? How 'bout a Breezer?
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Response by poster: That's exactly what I'm after fixedgear. As ljsbrand is the second person to warn me off the Kronan I'm starting to think it might not be worth the trouble. It's just that I like the utilitarian aesthetics of the bike. The Breezer seems to have all the features I'm after, but doesn't look quite as old school as I'd like.
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Here's a german guy selling weird dutch bikes for about $300. No idea how much the shipping would be to the US though.
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You'd probably like vintage 3-speeds and cruisers. Try searching Craigslist for Schwinn and Raleigh. Here are a couple nice ones for sale in Chicago:
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I was totally surprised to see an old classic Kronan in our tiny local bike shop in Tokyo. Made me all nostalgic :)

But I'm afraid I can't help you with getting one
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Second the recommendation for vintage English iron if that is the look and style you are after. English roadsters like Raleigh, Rudge or Robin Hood can be had pretty cheaply. They last forever. The only downside might be getting 28" tires - which are out there, just not in every bike shop.
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I'm in Chicago and have had a blue Kronan since 2001, not selling although (no friggin' way). No problems with rust but finding tires is a pain since the originals are 54-584 (millimeter sizing) and usually the fattest tires I can get are 44-584 from Harris Cyclery.

Visit this website for 584 tire info:

Last time I was in Amsterdam in 2003, when they even still had a Kronan shop, I couldn't get 54-584 tires.

An extremely similar bike with what looks like standard tire sizes (check first) is the Monark Ballon Bike:

I believe that WorkCycles ships worldwide. If you go with them do tell how it went.

Personally, my next heavy duty bike will be the Batavus Personal Delivery Bike (it has standard tires):

Hope this helps.
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Just some notes on Kronan tire searches.

In addition to Harris Cyclery, Rivendell Bicycle Works also carries 650B tires (aka 584 series); Schwalbe 37-584, 44-584 and possibly 54-584 too in 2006. Apparently they have more than what their online catalog states if you call them directly.

If memory serves, I believe the Bike Shop in Glen Ellen used to be a Kronan dealer.

For what it's worth, I've only seen 3 other Kronan bikes in Chicago. One was orange, two were black, and then my own Swedish blue one. Kronan weigh 55-lbs and with 54-584 tires they're really good on snow and ice, so much so that Kronan in Amsterdam used to have Kronan ice bike races.
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Last notes on a Kronan tire search.

Schwalbe apparently makes the HS 315 which is a 54-584 tire.

Looks like its a "coming soon" item, but I'll call them this week to see if they're shipping.
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