Book title for girl and dolls come to life?
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What's the name of the 1970/80's era junior's book about a girl living with her old Aunts, discovers a secret room with dolls that come to life?

Points that I recall:
Aunts made her drink warm milk, which she hated.
She had to wear garters with her stockings, they had rubber buttons. Hated them, too.
In the end the room is upturned somehow, the china gets broken, the dolls become inanimate.
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Behind the Attic Wall. By Sylvia Cassedy.

Great book, I read it as a kid and a few years back I went through a search for it.
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that is it, precisely! many thanks!
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Yay! Many welcomes. :)

So funny, because at the time I searched for it I was accountless here, and I wished I could post about it. Then one day I happened upon it in a used bookstore and was thrilled.

I mean, sure, it's no masterpiece, but it was fun and I remember it fondly.
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I remember reading this, and let me tell you the dolls depicted on the cover I had were creeeeepy.
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I second aclevername. The whole thing kinda creeped me out as a kid. I'm pretty sure I have the book somewhere still, and I kind of give it the fisheye every once in awhile.
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I loved that book. I took it from the library enough times that I still remember exactly what shelf it's on... :)
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I read it enough times that I hoped to remember more of it, especially the title! Maybe time to revisit it...but that might spoil the charm. It was a pretty creepy story, I think that's why I loved it!
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Darn it, my library system doesn't have it.
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