Shoe shop recommendations for a walking shoe? (L.A. area)
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Help me find somewhere to buy a really great every-day shoe like you helped find me a running shoe shop!

Last week, AskMeFi produced some great suggestions for running shoe shops in the Los Angeles area. I went to one, where they had me run back and forth, noticed my severe overpronation/flat feet and gave me 3 pairs to try, then had me run in those, gave me 4 more pairs, had me run in those, then again gave me 4 more pairs, until they told me that I had 2 shoes to choose from that corrected my overpronation just right.

That was awesome. My shoes are fantastic (Mizuno Wave Alchemy 5's, size 14 [1 size larger for when my foot swells over large distances]), and they were only $80. I'd like to repeat this experience for every-day walking/standing shoes, since standing is totally uncomfortable, and I'd also like to get some good court shoes for racquetball.

Where do I find a store that has people that will have me run/walk/whatever and tell me what to do without just trying to take my money?

Alternatively, should I be looking into some sort of crazy insole or orthodic? I used to get custom insoles from a ski shop, but they didn't really help.
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I cannot answer your question as to a particular shop in LA for shoes. However, I can share this: This pair of Garmont shoes I have on my feet are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, bar none. They have hardly left my feet since I bought them almost two years ago. Also, I just went to the store where I bought them to get a new pair and I made an amazing discovery (similar to yours with the running shoe) I'm actually a 12. I've been wearing 10.5 or 11 my entire adult life becasue that's what the little DYI foot measurer thingy at the shoe store said it was. But I got my feet properly measured, and given the way my foot actually bends and moves, and disregarding length/width, it's a 12. When I tried one on I was amazed at how much better it felt than my normal 11's. I'm don't think this answers your question in any way shape or form, but there it is. Actually come to think of it, maybe this helps.
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