There's a quote by Schweitzer about chicks I'm trying to find...
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There's a quote by Schweitzer about chicks I'm trying to find... Or at least I think it's albert schweitzer. The basic jist of it is "When I think back on my accomplishments I realize how much more I could have done if I wasnt chasing women" That's close to it (I think) but I need the exact quote. And who said it. I think it's Schweitzer but that may have been my late fater screwing with me. One time he told me that Ghandi was the first one to say, "always leave a little hungry." I bought it. I was six but I bought it. If anyone knows this quote please chime in.
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I can't find the exact quote, but that really sounds like Richard Feynman. Well, at least the chasing women quote does.
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I can't believe how much time I just killed looking for this. I know I've heard this somewhere. And I do have a feeling about it being attributed to Schweitzer as well.

This reminds me of that "most expensive stage direction" thing from a few days ago. That drove me nuts as well.
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On the other hand, Ben Jones, who served in the Georgia legislature and played Cooter on Dukes of Hazzard, said:

"When I was young, I spent 90% of my time drinking and chasing women. And the other 10%, I wasted."

Sorry, couldn't resist...
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