Biking in the Basement
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I'll soon have a basement, and be able to bring at least one bike inside for the winter, so I'm wondering: do I want a trainer? If so, do I want rollers, a fan-trainer, a fluid-trainer, a mag-trainer, what? I'm not a racer, I'm just looking for an alternative to spinning classes to keep my lungs in shape.
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Fluid trainers would be the quietest, on average.

Rollers are preferred by some racing types, as they provide a balancing challenge similar to rough road conditions.
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Serious indoor workouts are really hard on a bike. If you can swing it, here's what I did:

Got a used road-bike beater. I got mine on rec.bicycles.marketplace. In fact, what I got was a bare frame with a few parts. I bought a single-speed rear wheel from Sheldon Brown, and pillaged my favorite bike shop's used-parts bin to make it usable.

Got a Cateye trainer--this is a big, chunky thing that takes the place of the front wheel and clamps over the rear dropouts. Kinda spendy. Obviously there are other options, but this one's pretty nice. It's a combo of wind and mag resistance.

The pounding this setup has taken has made me glad I didn't expose my real bike to it.

Rollers are cool, but a completely different experience: unless you get special rollers (or hook up an external fan unit), they provide very little resistance. You also need to be more focused to stay up on them.
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Adam, what do you mean by hard on a bike? Wheel/tire damage is ok, or, at least, manageable, but are you talking frame damage too? This was one of the reasons I asked about rollers.
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Actually, I haven't had a problem with tire damage: I'm talking about the frame and parts.

Sweat is very corrosive, and you shed a lot of it when working out indoors. My stationary is rusty as hell. I suspect that even assiduous cleanings after each workout would leave the frame somewhat the worse for wear.

I also suspect (but can't back this up) that the flexing a frame undergoes when locked on a trainer isn't good for it either.

Basically, I wanted to make my setup as easy as possible: just get on, ride, and shower. Knowing myself, I knew that if I had to move the bike, set it up, clean it off, etc after each workout that I wouldn't use it much.
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FWIW, my beater was assembled for a total price of about $250--the most expensive part was the rear wheel, which I bought new.
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