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Professional wrestling blogs/websites?

With the reformation of DX on Monday I've decided to give the WWE another shot, having taken around a 5 year break (basically since shortly after DX broke up - but don't get me wrong, that's just my landmark. I'm definitely not a DX mark, I promise!). During that intervening period, blogs happened. So I'm clueless: what are the good wrestling blogs and websites out there? Can anyone catch me up on what's been going on recently in the biz? Are there some year-by-year recaps so I can catch up on the storylines? Anything else that might be useful?

Come on, wrestling fans, don't be shy! As I've always said, the Simpsons and the WWE are the only two shows on television whose writing consistently surprises me. (And I read Playboy for the articles. :)
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Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Aaaahh Yeah!
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I remain familiar with current wrestling storylines only because I still frequent the message boards I started going to 5-6 years ago. You are a stronger man than most for wanting to get back into wrestling, particulary WWE, but that's your call.

I think Obsessed with Wrestling is good to try and get an idea of what has happened with particular wrestlers over the past few years. Go to a wrestler's profile and it should list their match results. I'm not sure if they go into much detail about individual angles, which is what you may be looking for.

I am unfamiliar with the wrestling blog scene and I'm ok with that. The message boards that I either participate in (in non-wrestling sections) or watch with passive interest are:

the Other Arena

The W

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I don't have time to search for it, but Bob Mould (yeah, from Husker Du) was writing online about the WWE for a while, and doing it well.
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The message board over at the Death Valley Driver Video Review is about as good as it gets. The reviews by the "DVDVR Playboys" are the important part; they cover tapes, live shows, and what's on TV pretty well.

If you have any interest in wrestling south of the border, also check out the Luchawiki.

The aforementioned Obsessed With Wrestling is great for profiles, and Pro Wrestling History is a trove of information as well.

Want to laugh about wrestling? Wrestlecrap covers the best of the worst of wrestling, and Undertaker's DeadJournal over at the Weekly Visitor site offers a disturbing look into the private life of one WWE Superstar.
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Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but the Ultimate Warrior's site ( is great, if for no other reason than a glimpse into a disturbed mind.
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