Following World Cup action on the Crackberry
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What's the best way to follow the World Cup live on my Blackberry?

I have a BB 8700c, and want something a little nicer than BBC Sport's "Live Coverage" (slow, text only, heavily delayed). Something like Yahoo's Matchcast would be nice, but I don't want to get an SMS message every time someone takes a dive. Any ideas for something a little more active?
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Although it is written by the usual whining Grundiad journos, their minute-by-minute report (currently Tunisia v Saudi Arabia here) is slightly damper than the Beeb's offerings.

Invaluable for me on my 3G N70 as private use of the company internet is monitored/banned during office hours where I work...
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They also field readers' e-mails during the commentary to liven things up so you can join in.
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This and this.
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