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Question about remote CAM

I need to install a some type of remote cam for a store.
I don't necessary need recording feature.
It needs to be viewable via internet.

I have hard time even trying to remote access store's system so I need something very simple.

GoToMyPC works perfectly for me. Anything VPN seems way to complicated for me.
I tried GotoMYPC to view cam but it has too slow of reflesh rate. Although I imagine manually turning on MSN messenger type thing from both ends to view CAM pictures.... but that is a bit cumbersome also.

I also need to have at least 3 cameras.

IP CAM seems o.k. but as I said anything network seems to be little too difficult for me....

It would be super if I can find something that is similar to Gotomypc for cam... (web cam viewing?)

The cams need to be viewable 24hours a day...

What is good long term reputable service that may do this at reasonable price? or Can someone suggest step by step how I can do this? I already have spare computer that can be on 24hours day... a wireless router... (possibility to have static IP address.. although it cost more)
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