What is that floating stuff during a World Cup match?
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World Cup 2006... any idea what that floating stuff is in the stadium during the Sweden vs. Trinidad and Tobago match right now? They look like large out of focus white things.
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Best answer: BBC says it's dandelion flowers.
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I'm watching on ITV and I thought they were dandelions as well. Not sure why there would be dandelions on a football pitch though, I presume the grass gets cut at least once a day.
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Dandelion fluff is currently floating all over the place here in Berlin, so it is likely to be in other German cities as well. The stuff floating over the pitch probably originated somewhere else. I haven't seen any dandelions near my house but fluff has been floating by my windows for about a week. Disclaimer: IANWTWC (I am not watching the world cup).
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Yup, definitely dandelion seeds, according to my cousin who was at the match.

Poor Swedish players, the match is already being called "a resounding fiasco"...
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That kind of fluffy white floating seeds can also be from cattails. It's amazing just how much fluff each of those seed pods contains.
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I thought it was feathers. I was wondering if someone in the crowd had executed a chicken Ozzy concert style.
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I thought it might have been hooligans throwing shit, but not at a game in Germany...
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According to a newscast I just saw about this exact subject on German TV, it turns out it's the byproduct of female poplar trees shedding their seeds.
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