What is the term for somebody who talks to themself?
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What is the term for somebody who talks to themself?
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Best answer: Soliloquist?
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Inner monologist (talks to themselves non vocally)?

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Crazy? (In the parlance of our times.)
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or Schizophrenic
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actually I just made that one up
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I tried looking on Wikipedia but it was all moderation flamewars :(
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If I was magically warped into a Seinfeld episode, I'd call someone a 'selftalker'. As to some sort of clinical term...
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Response by poster: Gyan may have holed this in one, but I don't want to mark any best answers as yet, in case the suggestions dry up.

My first impulse was "sololocutor", and I used "selftalking" as a tag for the post.

I would have thought that the psychological field might have some specialised term for the act, or for people-who-talk-to-themselves. At the very least, if terms like Weltschmerz or Weltanschauung are kosher in psych, then maybe the Germans have a word like Selbspracher that could be borrowed, because - as we all know - those Germans have a word for everything.
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Sorry to disappoint, UbuRoivas, but as far as I know (and I am a German native speaker), there is no single word in German for a person talking to herself. There is a word for the act though:SelbstgesprÃĪch (literally: self conversation).
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Mumblers ?
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A lector is a reader. I think you mean autolocutor, which was my first thought, but appears to also be a coinage.
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Are you asking for something to call yourself? Because it would be too complicated to even bother with the process of determining whether he was talking to himself or not. I talk out loud when I am alone fairly often, but I am not talking to myself.
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Best answer: Tom Stoppard gives stark raving sane.

R: "Ah, I think I've got it. A man talking sense to himself is no madder than a man talking nonsense, not to himself."

G: "Or just as mad."

R: "Or just as mad."

G: "And he does both."

R: "So there you have it."

G: "Stark raving sane."

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Best answer: The psycholinguistic term? Appears to be a form of the one you knew coming in, "self-talker". Since you already tagged the question self-talking, you probably known some of the background on the research. If not, this seems a good overview on on Piaget, Vygotsky, and others concerning "private speech" or "egocentric speech", as described in children's development, and "self-talking" when describing adult speech.

Unfortunately, most references just talk about those who engage in "self-talking", rather than directly giving them a term. But, there is at least one expert in the field who does use the self-talker term: Erving Goffman. In his book "Forms of Talk" Erving references the term "self-talker" multiple times (according to the ever handy search-inside Amazon feature).

So, if you want to sound like a learned psycholinguist, self-talker sounds like a good bet.
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Do I know the term for this? Hmm, I am pretty sure I know it.... or am i? Wait, let me think about it.. now where was the last time I heard of this? think, James, THINK. Wait.. Its on the tip of my tongue. Geeze, what's my problem??
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