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Is there any live streaming video for World Cup matches?

I've gotten spoiled over the last few years by - every game, when I want to watch it; complete games and highlights archived for my perusal when I want them, and so on.

Does anyone know if the same sort of thing will be offered anywhere for the World Cup? I know I can hear the games on XM, and I'm sure that I can watch highlights after the games, but does anyone know of any site that's streaming live video so I can watch matches at work? If not, I'll just TiVo 'em all, but that will really clutter up my evenings - and no doubt annoy Mrs. pdb. Anybody have a better idea?
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There is this. But I can't seem to find anything on complete games.
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Best answer: Here ya go. (via)
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Response by poster: Yeah, I saw that too - it's a good start, but in this day and age it amazes me that there's nowhere that will stream complete games for a fee. It's like FIFA doesn't want to make more money, which I find hard to believe...
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Response by poster: Dude. That's cool. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!!!!
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They are doing it legally, but it looks like it is a sub-license of the TV rights, so each country has its own. For instance, Brazil will have live games on the web for $5 (total). Only Brazil residents though.

Which means that to see it legally in the US, ABC/ESPN would have to offer it. And some further research shows that ESPN will. Through something called ESPN360, which I have never heard of before.
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Response by poster: From the article you linked:

ESPN360 is in only 8 million homes...(the list of ISP's that offer the service), however, doesn't count Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications Inc. or Cablevision Systems Corp.

Dang. So close, yet as a Comcast subscriber, so far...
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The site that Otis linked to tried to drop a couple of trojans on my machine. Visit at your own peril.
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These forums have quite a lot on streaming as well as torrents to download matches often pretty much as soon as they are finished
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Response by poster: Deadmessenger - I kinda figured that might be the case, thanks for the headsup...
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