Exploration of male orgasm
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What does male ejaculation feel like? Women are invited to join, but with a specific request (inside).

In light of the excellent responses generated by the "what is it like to be pregnant," I'd like to explore ejaculation and orgasm.

I wish to discover if other males find there to be a difference between ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms. I foresee these differences being described in two ways: physical and mental.

When we appear to have achieved a more or less common description of male experiences, I invite our female participants to describe their clitoral or vaginal orgasms: particularly, how they differ from men's orgasms.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: you answered your own question.

I think this is somewhat impossible given what are some fundamental differences in the way orgasm takes place. One's a BAM and one is baaaaaaaaaam. In any case I could explain what a bat does to see but you still wouldn't know what it is like to see like a bat.
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Response by poster: There are two types of male orgasm: ejaculatory, and non-ejaculatory. Most men, by my understanding, experience ejaculatory orgasms almost exclusively. I also understand that there are at least two types of female orgasm, clitoral and vaginal.

As a multiply-orgasmic male, I find there to be only subtle differences between ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms. My wife confirms that on the whole, my physical reaction is identical in both cases: there are no differences in my breathing, my muscle tension, my motions, my noises, etcetera.

The only difference I can explicitly describe is that post-ejaculation I have absolutely no desire to continue coitus, and feel that even if I wanted to, I could not physically continue. This is not the case with non-ejaculatory orgasms; so long as I do not squirt, I can go on and on and on like the energizer bunny.

These feelings are post-orgasm. During orgasm, both types feel the same. Sometimes it's as if my primitive brain has taken over and my body runs on auto-pilot as I'm heading to the finish-line. Sometimes I feel as though I'm supernova-ing; it's as though the acts of sex and orgasm are creating a new universe. Sometimes I feel as though I am the entirety of the universe, connected with everything simultaneously. Sometimes I feel animalistic, as though I have become a dog or stag or bull.

Sometimes, but not always, the feeling of ejaculatory orgasm is one of contraction, of internal bits of plumbing "pumping" or squeezing. There are times — come to think of it, pre-vasectomy times — when it felt like a white-hot lance moving through me, a sort of internal meteorite of pleasure-pain that lasts only a few moments.

Hopefully, these descriptions will set the tone for the thread: let's try to make it as useful and insightful as the pregnancy thread. Thx!
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I feel a lot of pressure in my penis when I'm really excited. When I ejaculate I have a really powerful thrust reflex. I don't really feel like stopping per se, but I don't expect, and have never, ejaculated or had an orgasm a second time within 5-6 minutes of the first. It feels really good and then after you feel really good in a less intense way.
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Geoff, did you get the bat thing from The Blind Watchmaker?
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Brainy that's quite possible, it is not my own and from a series of videos I saw once explaining the mind-body problem. I find it a good analogy when people feel as if they can really empathize with something they clearly cannot due to inherent limitations.
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Regarding the problem-solving requirements of AskMe, I'll add that, for heterosexual women who, by definition, have never experienced male orgasm, knowing what the hell it feels like should allow us a better (ahem) working knowledge of the apparatus. Yes, everyone is different, but I'm interested to see whether there is general concensus between respondents.

I'm on my way out the door, but will be watching this thread with some delight when I return.
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I concur with Five Fresh Fish comments. I couldn't have said it any better. To add on tho:

I ejaculate at least once a day, mostly from masturbation. It is my high.
90% of my orgasm are like a supernova out of body religious experience that last 2 to 3 seconds. My eyes roll up and I go slack jaw. Delicious pins and needles everywhere. After climax, I feel more relax and able to focus at tasks the occur after orgasm. The other 10% don't produce any effects except eliminating the desire.

With my wife, orgasm has a different effect each time, I think it all depends how we started. If it's loving, then I feel the rhythm. If it's been a while, sometimes animal lust. If we are in an disagreement sometimes it's angry and It's more thrusting / quicker.

Rarely do I have non-ejaculatory moments nor am I a multi-orgasmic mail. It usually takes me 10-20 minutes to recover and then I need extra attention to become erect again.
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I'm a multi-orgasmic male in most cases.

When masturbating, I'll usually get a small one and then have a larger one. Sometimes I only have that small one and the big one gets stuck in the pipe somewhere ... that sometimes happens when I'm stressed, and I'll need to clear the 'pipes' by masturbating again in a few hours.

When I'm having intercourse, I generally will have several small ones and then a large one all in a row. And then, especially with my current partner (She's got some serious technique down...), another large but non-ejaculatory one directly afterwards.

Unfortunately, even after having a small non-ejaculatory orgasm, I usually get so oversensitive that I need to stop. I very much wish that I could have an orgasm, keep going, and then have another, larger one... but it hasn't been possible up until this point. We're doing some experiments with bondage, so I'll let you know if we can get past that hurdle.
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To me, the core orgasm sensation is very similar to an intense adrenaline rush, but with a specific physical focus on the genitals, and specific mental focus on somehow sexually defiling a partner.

Ejaculation itself seems more mundanely physical—a "pressure" that pleasantly builds up just underneath the scrotum during the minutes approaching orgasm, and is then relieved during the actual ejaculation. (This sensation of relief is disturbingly similar to the satisfaction that accompanies other explusions of fluid and matter from the body, such as urination, defecation, and home acne surgery.)

I find non-ejaculatory orgasms to be dissatisfying—though they have the same adrenaline rush characteristics, they don't feel complete without the sensation of relief that accompanies ejaculation. A non-ejaculatory orgasm is not unpleasant, of course, but it's quickly forgotten after it's over. Ejaculation causes a much more profound and prolonged pleasant calm, often the sense that "everything is right in the world" for a few minutes, and the sensation of your brain soaking in endorphins.

Maybe I should try opiates.
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Mmm, endorphins. I forgot about the endorphins. I love the endorphins.
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MeTa. (Sorry.)
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Ejaculation itself seems more mundanely physical ... This sensation of relief is disturbingly similar to the satisfaction that accompanies other explusions of fluid and matter from the body, such as urination, defecation, and home acne surgery.

This is not true for me. The physical sensation of relief (if we're talking about the same thing) is much more profound than any of the things you referenced -- coming much closer to the pain/pleasure threshold (in fact, riding right along it) before releasing.
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