I'm sick and tired of paying $6 for a handful.
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Can I bring food to RFK Stadium? There are conflicting reports as to weather food is allowed to be brought into RFK. I'm going to a baseball game soon and I'm sick and tired of paying $6 for a handful of peanuts. I desire an unending supply.
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From http://washington.nationals.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/was/ballpark/guide.jsp

Bottles and Cans
Guests are not allowed to bring any glass or plastic bottles, aluminum cans or Thermoses into RFK Stadium. If a guest is found to be in possession of these items inside the stadium, he or she will be subject to ejection from the stadium.
EXCEPTION: Plain water in plastic bottles (not sports drinks or soda) will be allowed in the stadium as long as it conforms to the specifications listed below:
It must be in a "store bought" clear plastic bottle.
The water may not be frozen.
It must be no larger then 1 Liter (33.814 fluid ounces)

Unfortunately, I can't find anything about food in there (besides the section about Aramark). They don't mention food in the "Prohibited Items" section, though...

(So basically, I'm not much help at all, other than to note that Aramark can be reached at 202.544.0648, and the Nationals front office is at 202.675.5100. Sorry.)
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As an (inconclusive) addition, I found this chat from a couple weeks ago in the washington post.

section 526: one of the best things about going to see baseball, as opposed to football, is being able to bring in your own food. for those who hate aramark (and number me among them), you should bring in your own meals.

for weekend games, i never miss a stop at the italian store for a sub and chips at the game. and everyone around me is jealous when they ask which vendor it came from.

Barry Svrluga: Some advice from the upper deck.

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Purely anecdotal: I was at a game a couple weeks ago and the people next to us brought a large pizza in with them; said they had no problem getting it in.
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Again anecdotally, I've brought in two large bags of peanuts, and haven't gotten so much as a raised eyebrow. I suspect it's as with many things in DC--it depends on the mood and inclinations of the person at the gate.
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not to derail, but why on earth can't the water be frozen?!
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desuetude: Frozen bottle of water = heavy projectile to throw at visiting teams outfielders.
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I've brought food all the time at RFK, without any problem. They just check it to make sure you haven't brought any drinks, excepting water. Peanut away.
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Putting aside the issue of whether you can bring food in - the price of the peanuts sold by the walking-around vendors is indeed $6 for a smallish bag, but larger bags can be had for less at the concessions. When a companion claims that to me a week ago I thought she was off her rocker.... till she came back with a bag.

Still not as cheap as bringing your own, but figured you should know.
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You can bring food.
My dad didn't realize this so he tried to sneak in a bag of peanuts under his shirt. The usher noticed and asked him what it was. My dad sheepishly showed him and the usher then told him that food was allowed. Incidentally, outside food is also allowed at Camden Yards.
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desuetude: Frozen bottle of water = heavy projectile to throw at visiting teams outfielders.

Err, it doesn't get any heavier if it's frozen...

I suspect it's so that they can verify it's not, say, frozen gin&tonic.
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Why was my comparison of NASCAR's food policy and MLB's food policy deleted? I wanted to ask if the disparancy in average attendance 125k vs 30k had anything to do with the food policy. Maybe it read as flippant, but it was sincere. I guess harping about a 4.50 bottle of MLB brand water is off limits here.
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Err, it doesn't get any heavier if it's frozen...
That was my thought, except it is a lot harder when frozen.

Who would freeze a gin and tonic, though? The alcohol content would have to be low enough for it to even freeze, and then the fizzyness of the tonic would be ruined. And they don't verify the contents of every water bottle, do they?

This sounds like some arbitrary BS to make people less likely to bother bringing some water in, though I'm sure they have some sort of bizarre rationale.
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