How to make stuff in ferrocement.
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How do I get started in constructing ferrocement sculptures?

I'm interested in experiences, online resources, step by step tutorials, handy hints and the like.

Information on each stage of the process from constructing the armature to finishing the surface is what i'm after.
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If you're not building bridges, it's not that hard. The whole technique dates back to a gardener in France who wanted to make fancier flower pots. I'd recommend you round up some supplies and just start making some small pieces by day and do research at night.
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Take a look at Sherri Warner Hunter's site. She does gorgeous large-scale work, and she's written a couple of really useful books -- very clear start-to-finish instructions on techniques, lots of recipes for different applications, interesting project ideas. Highly, highly recommended.
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One of the most popular kind of do-it-yourself backyard boat construction methods is ferrocement. This routinely involves beginners with few skills making complex curved shapes out of ferrocement. You could look at sites like this and adapt the methods for your own purposes.
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