Correct Latin translation needed - "Innocent III is dead"
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Question for well-versed MeFites - what is the most accurate translation of "Innocent III is dead." (as a statement of fact)?

The online translator gives me "Innocentii III mortuus est." It doesn't look entirely right to my eye.
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It should be "Innocentius III mortuus est".
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Best answer: Or "Innocentius Tertius mortuus est" if you don't like the numerals. "Tertius" can also be uncapitalized (i.e. "Innocentius tertius") if you want. You see it both ways in late medieval and early modern Latin texts.

That said, the man himself seems to have preferred the Roman numerals (see, e.g., this 1201 letter to Blanche of Navarre, Countess of Champagne, which begins "Innocentius papa III dilectae in Christo filiae suae Blanchae...").
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