Help me remember a book I just read...
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I read this book within the past two weeks. Can you identify it from my description of part of the plot?

The narrator is a young man from (I think) a small town outside of Portland, Oregon. He goes to a boarding school in the East. He's befriended on the first day by a hick from the Midwest. He's manipulative and wants to be friends with the rich kids. He ends up being roommates with the hick. He tries to cultivate a friendship with a rich kid. The hick gets kicked out for smoking.
It may have been a book or a short story. I read too much, I can't remember what this was and it's driving me nuts. Thanks!
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It's been years since I read it but it's not "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt is it? (On edit and reading the Wikipedia plot synopsis I really don't think so. Sorry!)
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Was it the short story "Smokers" by Tobias Wolff?
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Response by poster: Bingo, thank you redfoxtail!
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