Book it! Help me find this children's book.
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I'm trying to find this book from my childhood about becoming an older sister. Black jellybeans below the fold...

In this book, the older sister was generally mean to her younger sister (teasing, etc), and the bits that stood out most to me was when at either Easter or Halloween, when they got a big thing of jelly beans, the older sister picked out all of the black ones to give to her younger sister because they were her least favorite flavor. By the end of the book they were friends. I think she was wearing a witch hat in the illustration. When my little brother arrived, I did the opposite IIRC, and became a big licorice fan and goth as a result (sorta), but that's beside the point here!

Anyone remember this book from the 90s? I'd like to give it to a soon-to-be big sister, or any other older sibling books you can think of.
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