A Comfortable Non-Electric Adult Scooter For Bumpy Roads?
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Can you recommend a comfortable non-electric scooter that offers a smooth ride?

My son has started biking around the neighborhood and I'd like to be able to keep up with him, but don't like biking. Almost all of the reputable review websites I like focus on electric scooters and those with regular scooter reviews seem shady/biased.

Can anyone recommend a good non-electric scooter for an adult that, most importantly, will be comfortable on only decently-paved streets with some bumps, preferably less than $150? I had an adult Razor scooter several years ago that was extremely uncomfortable whenever the road got bumpy. Thank you!
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Best answer: This Groffdale Amish scooter is more expensive but it will last a few lifetimes and is perfect for keeping up with small kids on bikes, exercising dogs, trips to the corner store, etc. Lots of people stop to ask me about mine, it's fun and easy to ride, has nice basket too :)

Whatever you get, you need good-sized wheels and frame to be at all comfortable. Here's an option on Amazon that is in budget, but I'm not confident it will hold up well.
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Best answer: You say you don't like biking, and I believe you, but you've identified the fundamental problem with scooters: they are extremely bumpy because they have relatively small wheels. If you you want a non-bumpy ride then you need to switch to a bike.

If you're not able to switch to a bike and you care about comfort more than handling then you should look for scooters with large wheels and inflatable tires, which will minimize the ways in which scooters suck from a comfort perspective (at the expense of worse handling).
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Response by poster: Yep, the issue is that I have an existing health issue that is exacerbated by biking, so I don't do it. The point about the inflatable tires is a really good one and I will focus only on scooters with them to try to get closer to a bike type of ride.
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