Rock ID
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I saw a rare rock once when I was a kid. Never seen anything like it since, not sure how to google it. What is it?

I was at the southern tip of Hawai'i in the early 90s. I was a kid. I was talking to someone who wanted to show me a rock, held in the open palm of the adult's hand. It's possible this person was from Australia, or I might be making that detail up. The rock looked ordinary on one side, maybe like a smooth black? river rock. But if you flip it over, it had a small visible pool of water moving around inside it.

I have no further details for you. I suppose it's possible that it was also a gimmick but I got the impression that the person was being genuine about it being an actual rare rock. What was this rock?
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Best answer: What you saw may have been a rock with a water inclusion.
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Enhydro agate, possibly?
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