What is the albedo rating of my very shiny cat?
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Our cat is very very shiny, it is one of her main skills. We are curious about how her albedo rating might be estimated. Of course we have provided a picture.

The shiny cat in question.
Is this like the Mohs Hardness scale where we compare her with other objects of known shininess? Are there any astrophysicists who can help?
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There is an app for that. (I am aware of this because a friend’s kid had to use it for a school assignment and complained “I thought albedo was just the name of a guy in genshin impact!”)
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Teke Horses This horse breed has a high spectral reflectance because the coat hairs are naturally hollow. Perhaps your cat has a similar sort of genetic trait? Some black animals like ravens actually reflect light in the ultraviolet range out of the visible human spectrum; if you look at a raven in just the right light, a sheen of green or violet bounces off the structures of their feathers. Anyway, you might find that the coat of your cat has some unique light reflecting or structural qualities.
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Best answer: It is not a diffuse Albedo, but specular at select angles. You could calculate it by constructing a crude Ulbricht (Integrating) Sphere, or just a large white box. You would need an interior flat white paint with a relatively known reflectance.

With a small light source and a light meter, taking the relative areas into account (assume the cat is a sphere); then compare the intensity with the cat in and out of the box relative to the areas.
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I don’t have helpful information, but wanted to say your cat is beautiful and reminds me of volcanic glass rock.
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This may be a good question for @ObservatoryCats.
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