Help Me Remember This Book Title
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Not much to go on but I have faith in y'all.

Contemporary Fiction Novel
I read it in the past 5-10 years
Main character was a young adult woman
She had left home and was approached at a gas station (?) by a guy who basically recruited her for a cult or commune situation.
She sorta had feelings for him I think. At one point he brings back another recruit and she realizes that's just what he does and he's not necessarily interested in her (the main character).
At the end she escapes and I believe causes a fire in the process of escaping, or the fire helps her escape.

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Was it The Girls by Emma Cline? No gas station that I remember but there is a cult... and a guy...
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On the off chance it was a film and not a book, this is extremely similar to the plot of American Honey.
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Response by poster: No, neither of those. :(
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Best answer: And I just figured it out. The book is The Ash Family and looks like it was published in 2019, so apparently I read it in the last 3 years.
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