"I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning."
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I LOVE reading about drama. What are some good, interesting, funny and intelligent written takes on dust-ups between people on the internet?

This FANTASTIC recent post on the Blue reminded me that it has been a while since I enjoyed some drama, ideally about people whom I don't know and don't care about. When I was younger and super into the Harry Potter fanfiction thing I really enjoyed Fandom Wank and its offshoots. Basically I love reading about fights conducted in public between people who are publicly prominent.

I have enjoyed the odd influencer drama, eg. Caroline Calloway and Natalie Beach but I don't follow any influencers so I feel like I am missing out on a rich source of drama here.

My favourite way to consume drama is through long and well-written articles ideally by a third party, I find Twitter, Threadreader etc very difficult to parse. Can anyone share any good articles with me? I am interested in literature, music, beauty, make-up, and not in sport.

I know this says terrible things about my soul, I am sorry.
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The subreddit 'HobbyDrama' (https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/) features writeups of varying lengths (some short, some extremely long) about storms in the teacups of various hobbies and fandoms. The writing is generally good and almost never mean-spirited.
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Well, there is this fascinating story about two writers suing each other from The New York Magazine yesterday -- it's drama unfolding in real time in the literary world.

There are history podcasts dedicated to feuds (either entire podcast series or episodes) -- that might be of interest as a general resource? [Edited to add: I just realized you specified "people on the internet" so that would render much of historical material inapplicable -- but still going to leave this here just in case, because the pettiness of some of the historical feuds prefigures and often surpasses internet drama of our days.]
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Ask A Manager frequently has some great drama. Most recent fun can be found over here about a coworker praying for another coworker to DIE and it just gets worse from there. Looks like some office supply drama just went up as well.
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Seconding Hobby Drama. Obviously the quirkiness level of the feuds varies, but their "Best of . . . " threads are probably a good place to start browsing.
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You might like r/prorevenge. Not written by third parties though, but by the people who did the revenge.
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Also from the NYT: A Feud in Wolf-Kink Erotica Raises a Deep Legal Question. I'm honestly not even sure how to summarize this, but it involves some delicious dumb infighting within the "Omegaverse" which is a weird niche literary genre born out of Supernatural fandom (I think?)
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Related Omegaverse videos online.
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I'm sure I got a link to this from the green, but I've bookmarked Best of Redditor Updates. It's drama but WITH resolution, which makes it so much better to me.
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The Truck Nuts War is entertaining, either in text or podcast audio.
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Buzzfeed can occasionally be a good source for these types of drama-infused long reads. The two that I immediately thought of were the Rachel Hollis piece and the long read on Armie Hammer and the weirdness of his career.

There was another piece from The Cut (which also has the occasional good long-form drama bomb) I thought of about that couple from YouTube who, like, rehomed their adopted special needs child?

Also, if you're down for some local (to me) drama, there is great piece from Pittsburgh Magazine about a restauranteur in the Pittsburgh area who just can't seem to stop building new restaurants in early-stage-gentrification neighborhoods, talking a huge game about how his restaurant is going to do awesome things for the community, and then abandoning them without ceremony to move onto the next thing.
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This Buzzfeed article about Marie Calloway has the benefit of linking to additional lit drama.
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Back in 2016, artist Anish Kapoor bought the exclusive artistic rights to Vantablack paint, making it so no other artist could use it in their work. Stuart Semple, a multidisciplinary artist, was not impressed.
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Not between people, but this might be the kind of thing you’re looking for: Lena Dunham and her pets. It definitely has a lot to do with drama and the Internet.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much to everyone who answered - these are great!
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Dammit y'all I was going to get some work done today
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Maybe I missed it above, but there was a big drama a few years back about a couple whose restaurant was featured on a tv show. They were claiming to make their own food but it was being bought elsewhere. I think I remember scenes where they yelled at customers to leave, and another where a waitress was fired somewhat dramatically. I can't remember the name of the restaurant or couple, sadly.
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I am pretty sure you're referring to Amy's Baking Company.
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The Scots Wikipedia debacle of 2020 is the greatest online drama I’ve observed in recent memory. More generally, Wikipedia controversies are endlessly entertaining.

The next best thing: Boston’s Purr Cat Cafe and its overly-defensive owner. The owner may have mental health problems that should be taken seriously, but it’s hard to look away from her bizarre business practices and aggressive attitude toward online critics. (This topic involves alleged animal neglect, drug abuse, attempted suicide.)
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This is more funny drama than schadenfreude, but the saga of the truckload of rice and the negotiations to make it go away are high drama of the best kind. When I need a laugh I re-read it. Original story was found right here on Metafilter.


(Apologies for no hyperlink I'm on my phone)
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