2020 Olympics Best-Of, No Spoilers Edition
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I have access to Olympics coverage for a few more days yet—what are some specific events that were exciting or touching or funny or weird or noteworthy in some way that I should be sure to watch? Don’t tell me WHY I should watch them, just be like, “Day 14, Women’s 1500 meter qualifying heats” or something like that. I’m afraid if I search for it online it will just tell me what happened and ruin the surprise.
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Men’s high jump finals, August 1.
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Women's 4x200M freestyle relay, July 28.
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Best answer: Men's 400m freestyle swimming, July 25.
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Men's 400 meter freestyle swimming final, July 25.
Women's 400 meter freestyle swimming final, July 26
Women's 400 meters hurdles final, August 3
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Best answer: Women's 1500 meter preliminary heat 2
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Both the men's and women's 400m hurdles finals were astounding.
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Wrestling, Women's freestyle 50kg, Semifinals, Sun v. Hildebrandt, Day 14
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Best answer: Sport climbing, women’s final, the whole thing (speed, boulder, lead). But if you don’t have that much time, skip the speed, just the boulder and lead. Yessssssssss.
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Women’s 100m heats and final.
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Women's BMX freestyle final
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Triathlon, mixed relay.
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Oh also men's 400 freestyle swim.
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Best answer: Women's cycling road race 25 July. (It's many hours long so how much you should watch depends on your interest in road cycling, I'm recommending based on having seen the last half hour live).

The men's high jump final is very strongly recommended, and the 100m men's final was shortly afterwards, and you should watch them both together.

If you like a confusing spectacle, then the men's and women's madison races in track cycling. Needs competent commentary though. I'd also recommend the two omniums.
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Best answer: Women's skateboarding. Women's artistic swimming. Any trampolining (wheeeeeeeee!)
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Men's triathalon, running (last) leg.

Equestrian Showjumping Team Final.
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Women's Soccer Gold medal match. Sweden vs. Canada.
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Watch at least the semifinals and finals, and more wouldn't hurt if you have the time.

Men's Archery - July 30-31
Women's 10m Air Rifle
Men's Fencing - Foil - July 26
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Women's 10m Air Rifle: July 23
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Thank you all for this! I've got the last five days of Olympics that was recorded on the Tivo (at least what was aired on NBC proper) while we were traveling, and have been slowly getting through it since we got back. Thankfully I'm disconnected from the news enough that I don't know what happened :)
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Response by poster: These are all so great, thanks everyone!
Best answers are ones I especially enjoyed.
I also recommend the men’s individual gymnastics rings event.
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Women's hammer throw qualifying, the US athlete.
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