Watching the Olympics - Obscure sports edition
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I saw this question about watching the Olympics this summer from a month ago, but I have a more specific follow-up. I want to watch obscure sports / events online on a live feed (or more likely on a 13 hour delay as I am in NY). What subscription do I need to do that?

I would like to watch most specifically the throwing events for track and field, and also swimming prelims, weightlifting, waterpolo, etc. I want to see more than just the TV highlights. I remember the last Olympics, I really enjoyed watching the stream of the weightlifting events while I was working from home. I don't remember how I did this. Since there are even more things to subscribe to now, I'm sure I will need some sort of paid subscription to watch these events. I usually get Hulu Live for college football season. If I restart my subscription early, will it give me access to the things I want to watch? I've been trying to read up on how to watch these events on various Google search results, but it's still unclear how to watch the events that aren't big draws for TV. Maybe I just need to wait until the Olympics actually start and click on a non-televised event on and see what happens.
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Apparently you will be able to watch live coverage of everything except men’s basketball on Peacock. It’s unclear to me how ads will play into it on each of the tiers they offer. Replays only available on the premium tier. Also, any streaming TV service that has access to NBC Sports should let you log in to the NBC Olympics site for live coverage. Deadline has a good guide with times for a lot of the events. There are events starting today/tonight if you want to try it out, I’ll be tuning in to gymnastics podium training later tonight.
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As wsquared says, you should be able to get everything on Peacock. If you are a Comcast subscriber (tv and internet), you get Peacock at no cost, including the premium tier. There is also the NBC Sports cable channel.
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I believe Youtube TV has everything broadcast, along with a DVR interface to "record" things for later. They also have a VOD system that might let you just watch everything without setting it up in advance, although that contains unskippable ads. Youtube TV's free preview is only a couple of days, so you probably have to pay $65 once.

That will record everything on any US cable or broadcast channel. For that matter probably all the cord cutting services will have that same ability. If you want to watch stuff not available on US TV I'm much less clear about it. I'd consider pirating video with NZBs off Usenet but that's complicated and unlicensed.
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Best answer: To confirm, I was able to log in to the NBC Olympics site with my Hulu Live TV subscription to watch the live stream of gymnastics last night. When it asks to log in with a cable provider, you may have to search for Hulu or YouTube or whatever service you use. Now that I’m logged in, I see access to all replays of events that have already happened (mostly soccer games and gymnastics training).
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I haven’t tried this yet, but it seems like SlingTv is the cheapest on the list (first month as low as 25$) plus it has a 7-day free trial before that.

Other services which seem to work (they come up in a search when you try to log in on The NBC Olympics site ) and may have free trials of varying length are YoutubeTv, FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and AT&T TV.
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YoutubeTV will allow you to DVR just about everything and access it for 11 months. Their menu allowed me to select different Olympic categories that I wanted to record. I've missed stuff in years past because of the tape-delay so I thought that was pretty nice.
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As nat mentioned, I found Sling TV to be the cheapest option, but that price is wrong - I booked a 1-month subscription today for $10. I believe the price after that first month goes up to $25 or perhaps more, but it doesn't matter to me as I'll cancel by then.

So far, it has allowed me to login to the NBC sports app on my Firestick and I've been able to see a few live feeds. Some of the live feeds are giving me errors, but this might not be a general problem and instead related to me tuning in at the wrong times or perhaps some early kinks in the system (since the Olympics I guess technically kick off more broadly tomorrow).
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I just signed up for Peacock premium plus (the highest tier, $9.99/mo), and went looking for the Rowing replays. Because said there were rowing replays available. Nothing on Peacock right now for rowing (or I can't find it). So don't assume EVERYTHING will be on Peacock...

Edited to add: From the NBC FAQ:

"Can I watch the Tokyo Olympic Games on Peacock?

Peacock will show Tokyo Olympics highlights, including must-see moments from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies on NBC, as well as original documentaries and docuseries. To watch more extensive coverage, such as the full Opening Ceremony, please tune in to the live broadcast on NBC."

So, Peacock isn't the place to go for all day viewing of prelims of some obscure sport. Find one of the NBCOLYMPICS.COM providers you can sign up for.
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We successfully watched some rowing replays last night, via our brand new sling account. Indeed, just 10$ for a month. (We couldn't find the archery though, which supposedly had some events already too).
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Nat, do you need sling blue or sling orange?
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We got blue. I don't know if orange would also work.
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SlingTV Orange doesn't seem to work, but I was able to switch to Blue without any fuss from the account page.
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If you are streaming via nbcolympics, you might also want a tip for their app. At least on an Apple TV, the only reasonable way to fast forward is actually to hit pause first, then try to scrub forwards. Otherwise you will be very annoyed when watching long event playback; if you don’t pause then you can only go forward 10 seconds at a time. (I did want to watch some of the men’s triathlon. I did not want to watch *all* of it.)
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Response by poster: I waited until Track and Field started to sign up for Hulu Live. I am able to watch the throwing qualifier replays just like I want by logging in to with my Hulu account. I wanted to stick to Hulu because I know it has the football I want, which will start within a month. Thank you for your advice!
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