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Where can I find a summary of ALL of the "Slough House/Slow Horses" books - the British spy series by Mick Herron?

I devoured the “Slough House/Slow Horses” Series by Mick Herron in abut 6 months, finishing Joe Country in mid-2019 when it came out.

Now book 7 “Slough House” is out, I started to read it and and I’ve forgotten a lot of the details of the 6 previous books!

I don’t want to re-read the series, but I do want a précis of what happened - who did what to whom etc. - so I can be in the fictional universe again… My google fu finds nothing like this. Jackson Lamb would not approve! Hope me mefi!

FYI the books in the series’ names
Slow Horses - Dead Lions - Real Tigers -Spook Street - London Rules - Joe Country
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Goodreads has a brief summary of each book. Sometimes by reading the reviews you can pick up more details.
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The blog Spy Write has reviews of all the Slough House books and also has a podcast (additional Apple Podcasts link including all episodes) with an episode for each novel or paired short stories which I presume go into greater detail as recaps (I haven't listened to it).
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