Record Stores Within 12 Hours of Los Angeles That Buy Used CDs
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Hello! Can you tell me of record stores within a 12 hour drive of Los Angeles that definitely purchase used CDs from people in 2021, either for store credit or cash? (I also know all I need to know about stores in Fresno, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco, so no need for those.)

I live in Los Angeles and am trying to sell off all my old CDs. I'm selling them to Amoeba now that it has reopened, but invariably, they only take about half of whatever you bring in, regardless of condition. So I figure, why not take the remainder to other stores in other cities? I can combine a trip with other business like camping, visiting friends, museums, etc. Some considerations:

-- I'm primarily interested in stores where I can get store credit to buy records, books, or maybe even cassettes on site. I don't purchase many CDs anymore.

-- Examples of places you can get to within 12 hours of L.A. include Flagstaff, Albuquerque, San Diego, Vegas, Reno, Salt Lake City, and even, say, Twin Falls, Idaho. It's a big catchment area. But it doesn't include Portland.

-- Extra points for stores that are awesome, and/or for stores that take everything and anything.

-- I understand this is stupid and not worth the money I'd make in sold CDs. Again, just assume I'm also doing other stuff along the way.
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Response by poster: oh, and I've had very little luck in LA County outside of Amoeba Music, so let me know if you know of stores here, too!
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Salzer's in Ventura is one of my faves outside of LA Metro. Also a nice excuse to spend an afternoon in Ventura.
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I haven't been there in years, but apparently CD Trader in Tarzana is still kicking and offering cash for CDs.
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Fingerprints in Long Beach buys CDs and is a really fun store in general.
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In San Diego, I'm guessing Record City and Folk Arts Rare Records are most likely to take in your used CDs. Folk Arts is fun because, as their name implies, you can find some more off the beat pressings there.

What genres and styles does your collection lean towards? Might be easier to recommend some places specific to your collection. Most of my pleasant experiences selling was to stores whose niches were in the genres I was selling.

I've never sold to them personally (just bought), but this seems up the alley of Record Surplus in Santa Monica. What's your experience with them, if any?

Fingerprints in Long Beach also has my vote, but again, have not sold to them (just bought).
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Response by poster: Thanks galleta monster. I'd say the CDs I have are sort of . . . punk, rap, rock in general, miscellaneous 60s and 70s soul and funk, lots of the Cure, and not much jazz. Record Surplus told me they weren't buying at some point in the not distant past.
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Poo-Bah in Pasadena, but they’re usually interested in buying more unusual stuff.
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I've bought used cds at zia
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Not sure how picky they are with what they buy, but Lou's Records in Encinitas buys used.
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Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (normally just called Bookmans) will buy used CD's. They are in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson, Arizona. Phoenix definitely has other options, Flagstaff might, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tucson does as well.
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I have only purchased, not sold to them but BooBoo's Records in San Luis Obispo
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Half Price Books has always been our go-to store for selling used books and music. Here is a list of all their stores, several of which lie within your 12-hour radius.
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Zia Records (thanks brujita) can be found in Tucson, Phoenix and Vegas. Combined with the availability of Bookmans throughtout AZ, perhaps a trip to Tempe or Tucson could be in your future.
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Not strictly a records store, but Bookoff buys CDs and vinyl. The inventory/atmosphere varies widely by store location (eg, some have more books while others are more electronics- or DVD-heavy).
(Caveat: I have not sold them CDs during the pandemic but their website still lists CDs as things you can sell, so maybe call the specific branch to confirm...)
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Response by poster: Thanks for all these great answers, everyone!
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