Norwegian handwriting translation help
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MeFites have been very generous with their time previously translating a postcard written in Norwegian by my great-great grandmother Johanne in early 1900s Minnesota. Now I have another postcard written by her (though seemingly unsent) which I need help translating, mainly because I’m bad at deciphering her handwriting.
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I sent the link to my two Norwegian besties, and *they* sent the link to their moms, because in their words "damn, old fashioned handwriting AND old fashioned Norwegian, too hard for me". Will report back.
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Oh wow. Native Norwegian speaker here and this is hard! Here's all I have so far; hoping others can jump in to help:

Jeg tog nagle ? ? skulle sende til Norge og til dere ? ?? meg igjen. Jeg onsker jeg kunde have vaeret i foelge ? dette ? til dere Melvil og vi er all friske ? det masse ? ? hoere ? finne dere igjen ? vel ? som visste det oensker ? dine, Morten

I took ? ? ? should send to Norway and to you ? ? ? me again. I wish I could have joined/followed you Melvil and we are all healthy ? it lots ? ? hear ? find you again ? well ? who knew it wishes ? your, Morten

I'm only confident about half of the words I deciphered, though... This is driving me kind of crazy, like a puzzle I should be able to solve!
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Response by poster: For reference, here's my previous AskMe for the other postcard. I can recognize some of the same words, like 'Moder' at the end, which appears to be a version of 'Mother'. She seems to have an idiosyncratic way of writing the letter d.
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