Tea-Light and Tempered Glass - The Safe Distance Factor Question
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So, I put together a tea-light tempered glass kettle warmer from 2 elements I had around, one being sterling, the stainless top being the top - they fit together like one unit. The stainless top has holes pre-drilled in circular design. Question - how close can I place the tea-light under the stainless top under the kettle without it cracking? I want the kettle to keep as hot as possible for as long as the tea-light stays lit. I need the distance to be precise and scientifically based, because this is how the production is rolling. Thank you :)
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Picture is worth a 1000 words here.

I'm not sure if you are kidding or not about the "precise and scientific" part. The most scientific way to find out would probably be test the setup to failure, then incorporate a safety factor. There is no practical way for anyone to give you a real answer because what you are asking is so dependent on ambient conditions and the physical size, shape and material composition of all elements in the system, of which we have little actionable info.

High heat doesn't cause glass to shatter. Rapid temperature change causes it to shatter. If you are starting with a hot kettle, and if you have a stainless plate diffusing the heat from the flame I think you could probably have the flame right on the plate and be ok, but that's neither a precise nor scientific answer.
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If your tempered-glass kettle is the type you can heat directly on the stove, then you can have the tea-light as close as you want, since (science incoming) natural gas burns at 2770 °C, while a candle flame is a comparatively balmy 1400 °C. So just put the candle down far enough that it burns cleanly without excessive smoking.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I couldn't get a photo @ dudemanlives, sorry. Much appreciate all the responses. Learned new things here today.
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