Writer’s workshops for teens
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My teen son has a tentative interest in writing. He’s pretty talented but bored with the assignments in school, they aren’t bad at all, just not what he wants to do.

I’ve gotten him semi-excited about doing a virtual, writer’s workshop this summer. Searching online gives me waaay too many options. I’m hoping that ask can give me some suggestions to narrow it down.
He really likes creative writing, he enjoys creating D&D characters with his best friend. They never actually play, just create the characters. He’s very imaginative and has a great grasp of language and writing styles but needs direction and confidence.
So which ones fit the bill? What do you like and why? Which ones would you suggest? I don’t know much about them so I really don’t know what to look for, please give any suggestions and advice. TIA
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Here's one from Hugo House in Seattle Sci-Fi and Fantasy Scribes, 7-8th grade. I don't know if you son is in the right age range for this class. I can't speak of Hugo House's youth classes, but I've had good adult ones (both in person and online).
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Ugh, the deadline for the Alpha Young Writers Workshop was yesterday. That would've been my recommendation.
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Not sure if this is in line with what you’re looking for, but perhaps he’d enjoy Camp NaNoWriMo as another option.
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The SCP Foundation is a giant, worldwide collaborative science fiction project. It's not a workshop but written contributions are member-reviewed and rated. I learned of this from a Chinese ESL student I talked with so I'm afraid I don't know much else, but he (college-age) was really into it. Maybe worth looking into?
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