Help me identify a jungle/D&B/breakbeat record from the 90's
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A DJ friend of mine back in the mid to late 90s had an LP record with quite an unusual picture of a breastfeeding baby on the cover. Can you help me find it?

On one side of the cover was a bare breast, on the other side was a baby. However, it was photoshopped in a such way that the positions of the mouth and nipple were switched. So the nipple was where the baby’s mouth should be and the baby's open mouth was on the breast. I think the background was blue, but I might be wrong about that.

For the longest time I thought I remembered the record being from LTJ Bukem or Luke Vibert, but when I look through their catalogs, I don't find anything remotely resembling what I remember. I'm pretty sure it was a jungle/D&B/breakbeat record, maybe a lable comp

Of course, google gives me lots of breastfeeding related pictures that are also not what I'm looking for.

I asked my DJ friend who, 20 years and thousands more records in his collection later, has no idea what I'm talking about.

Does this ring a bell?
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