What are some good blogs/sites that are like kottke.org?
June 24, 2020 7:00 AM

What are some good blogs/sites that are like kottke.org?

Way back in 2008 this question was posted to Ask MeFi. I'm basically asking the same question again now -- 12 years later.

Bottom-line: What are some great Kottke-like sites for these modern times?

I love Kottke.org and it's still my go-to-site every day for a personally curated list of links to unique, thoughtful, and interesting gems around the Internets. I'm sure there are other sites out there that are similar to Kottke's which I'm not aware of, which I'd love to find.

I tend to be interested in topics like pop culture, technology, and culture -- but I'm up for almost anything.
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Given that kottke.org was one of the answers, this previously may be helpful.
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For nearly a year now (one year next Wednesday!), my buddy and I have been operating a daily curation site that focuses on personal finance: Apex Money. Kottke was an inspiration for us. Our site isn't nearly as pretty as Jason's, and we don't do longer posts. Every weekday, we simply publish a handful of stories about money that we think are interesting and/or useful.

You may or may not find this valuable.

(As social proof that I'm not a spammer, check my MeFi profile. I'm a long-time member here. And MeFi helped spur me to launch a money blog in 2006, which in turn became my career. And if you check my AskMe history, I frequently answer money-related questions.)

Also, if you don't already check it, Andy Baio's waxy sidebar offers a great selection of curated links (although updates can be sporadic).
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Old school and somehow sweet, but blissfully free of ads and affiliate links....TYWKIWDBI, unlike Boingboing, which used to be my goto but has become unusable.
I also look at neatorama and laughing squid.
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since the end the world is upon us, i've relied heavily lately on misscellania and amyoops for some daily goofs.
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You might like these blogs:

The Generalist Academy - interesting things from science and history
Kicks Condor - ephemera from the diy interent
Things Magazine - general interestdesign/architecture.
We Are The Mutants - Science fiction, pulp fiction, horror, anti-establishment punk
We Make Money Not Art - art/politics/science and the intersection of those things.
Sociological Images - often heavier topics, but always interesting or insightful commentary on current trends.
Messy Nessy Chic History, old photographs
The Artful Amoeba - science
Dangerous MindsMusic, art, history, punk
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Forgot to add BLDGBLG - architecture, engineering, science, interesting things in geneeral
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Jason's blog is somewhat unique; he works hard at it, full time. The closest I know is Cory Doctorow's new Pluralistic. He left BoingBoing awhile back but is still sharing links of interest to him in this new format. I also agree that Andy's Waxy linkblog is fantastic. It's irregular, but he's been publishing more. And if I may self-link, I've been running a linkblog for 10+ years now. I don't have a nice website like the other ones do, but that page links to Pinboard and Twitter versions that work OK. Note that all four of these blogs are written by 40-something white guys connected to the tech industry and we all post stuff that's of interest to us personally. May or may not interest you.

For a broader collection, see Belong.io, a side project of Andy's that collects interesting links taken from the XOXO community. It's meant to be browsed once a day.
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The Morning News is still going.

I also like the Paris Review Daily which posts some nice round up links on Fridays.
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Messy Nessy Chic is rather fun. It looks a lot at odd things in Paris, where it's based, and has a paid level, but there are two newsletters a week that mostly point to non-paywalled material.

Dark Roasted Blend is a repository of a lot of odd miscellania. They don't send out newsletters near as often as I'd like, but it usually has oddities worth your (or at least my) time.
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