Help me remember this sci-fi book’s title please!
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From a friend: “I read a book around 2002/2003 about a man who was thrown into a parallel universe after his wife tragically died in a car wreck. In the new universe she was cheating on him so he hired a private investigator. Somehow he and the PI discovered that he was in the parallel universe.”

I've been searching for this book for 20 years and it's driving me crazy. It's not a Koontz book. The cover was the outline of a man gripping the sides of his head, but he looks like tv static. You guys have any ideas? It wasn't a very large book. Maybe 250 pages.
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One possibility: The Man Who Turned Into Himself, by David Ambrose.

I'd sort of like that not to be the answer, though, because I definitely haven't read that one myself... but I came in here because I knew I'd read the book you were describing.

(Mind you, I thought the one I'd read was by Joe Haldeman. Fortunately I checked before answering, because the Haldeman dealing with parallel universes is The Hemingway Hoax, and it's definitely not a match.)
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Is that it?
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