How can I find public domain and Creative Commons content?
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I'm looking for public domain and Creative Commons writing for use in a commercial education project. Can MeFites give me any tips on how to search for this kind of writing?

Here are the types of writing I'm looking for:

1. Excerpts from speeches or texts written by U.S./U.K. political figures (1750-present).
2. Short (~750 words) recent science or social science articles written for the general public (2010-present). Something similar to a Scientific American or Economist article, for example.
3. Short narrative or informative articles about any topic (~350 words) written for a high school audience.

Everything needs to be freely available for adaptation and commercial use.
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The Internet Archive is a good place to start.
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WikiSource is another archive of public domain texts - political speeches, American history, UK politics. The rights status of each document is laid out at the bottom of each page - most are public domain or CC with attribution.
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For science writing, everything written by a federal employee is in the public domain. NASA has tons of educational articles that would probably fit the bill.
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The Public Domain Review
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