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I fly a lot. I need your game suggestions for iPhone games that don’t require internet, are not dependent on sound being on, and bonus points for mental stimulation. Basically, I want something to keep my fingers busy while listening to podcasts in the air, but isn’t (for example) an RPG that requires full mental focus to enjoy. (I don’t multitask well.) What have you got?
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Factory Balls. It's a puzzle game that gets pretty tough but never so tough as to be frustrating. It's the sort of game you can put down at any time and pick up again later. I never really got bored with it, which is something that tends to happen to me when I play puzzle games.
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Two Dots.
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I use Cookie Jam for this exact scenario.
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I Love Hue is my fave at the moment.
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I think Threes is perfect for this. I’ve been playing it for over 5 years and never get tired of it. It’s perfect for playing while listening to a podcast (or on a boring phone call). It’s my go to on planes. Simple to learn but endlessly challenging, beautifully designed, play at your own pace, no ads, nothing to spend money on. I haven’t found a more enduring game with a more satisfying interface. The music and sound effects are great but extremely optional.
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Ballz does it for me. It's simple enough, and doesn't rely on speed, that it doesn't stress me out. And I like that it's not designed like a Vegas fruit machine.
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Solisquare. (Battle mode requires the Internet, but the other modes don't.)
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Bejeweled, the classic set (I like the Butterflies option the best, but there's maybe 6 total). It's my audiobook game, and the place I go when I'm under a ton of stress and need extremely-low-stakes mental occupation, and it only requires basic motor/touchscreen skills so it works well in cramped seating.
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Archero might fit the bill... tho it does check in online on loading, I don't think it's necessary to be connected to play it.

Actually, I just put my phone in airplane mode and loaded it up and was able to play.
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I like Two Dots' predecessor, Dots, for super mindless play. Or Solitaire, but that works better on the iPad for sure.
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Tetris, Wordscapes, Dragonvale.
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(Links are to the developers' websites or Wikipedia rather than the App Store, in case your App Store is not in the same country as mine and it all goes terribly weirdly wrong.)

I find the various PathPix games good for this, and old stalwarts Drop7 and 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli, and Puzzle Maniak for Nikoli-type logic puzzles. I've just checked them all in airplane mode, and they all seem happy.

Agree that Dots and Bejeweled are also great for this.
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I love Microbian and Helix Jump for keeping my hands busy games.
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(Only the paid Microbian works off-line, but you can check out the free one before you fly to see if you like it.)
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I'm a big fan of the Flow Free games (NB I play on Android).
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Was about to mention Flow Free, too. Eons of play in those puzzles, especially in the larger grids.
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Polytopia is my airplane game. It's a very light turn-based strategy game. Also some Stardew Valley thrown in these days. Some areas of the game require concentration, but much of it is good podcast accompaniment.
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You Must Build A Boat

It's a mash-up of a match-three game like Candy Crush or Bejewelled, and an endless runner like Canabalt, and a very lightweight RPG. Fully offline, no in-game purchases, no ads or other bullshit that plagues mobile games. I've probably put hundreds of distracted hours into it and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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Mini metro.
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Blendoku 2
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Alto's Odyssey is a very beautiful sandboarding game that can be played either on a slightly challenging (but rarely too hard) regular mode where you try to get better and better at doing flips/bouncing off balloons/grinding up walls/escaping lemurs/etc., or a zen mode where you can't die.

I am a huge fan of Bring You Home, which is extremely cute and clever and fun, but it requires a little more attention.
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Snood. An oldie but a goodie.
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SpellTower+ if you like word games.
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You might want to look into Apple Arcade- It has a number of pretty zen, chill puzzle games for $5 a month with more being added all the time
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Best Fiends. They had endless radio ads running when I was on a road trip and I finally gave in. So much fun even now nearly a year later.
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