Department slogan for a bunch of video-game plumbers
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I'm a plumber, working for a mechanical contractor. Basically, we use "video games" (Revit and AutoCAD) to plumb (rather than providing plumbing for video games). Our department needs a slogan -- please help me think of one!

My department is full of journey-level tradesfolk -- plumbers, pipefitters, and sheet metal works -- sitting at computers, modeling large commercial projects in 3-D, down to the nuts and bolts and 1/16th of an inch. Then our shop fabricates the spools and sends them to the field to be assembled.

Titles for our job:
BIM Modeler
Pipe and Plumbing (or Mechanical) Detailer

Some things we do:
3D modeling
Building information
Coordination / resolving clashes
Reading prints, specifications, and submittals
Bringing a job to life on the computer so it goes smooth in the field
Getting a job design to comply with plumbing and mechanical code
Working with the mechanical field team, the architects, and the engineers

I'm supposed to help brainstorm a department slogan. So far I have only come up with plenty of snarky, totally inappropriate/negative slogans. For example, "We draw it, you core drill it" -- (ideally) not true! I need something fun, positive, and pithy that celebrates what we do -- designing a building in 3D, in our imaginations, down to the picky little details, before it hits the actual dirt.
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I always proofread my AskMe questions, and somehow I always fail. Should read "sheet metal WORKERS".
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So your customers are the people who hit the dirt?

    We do it digital
To help you dig it all!

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It's a series of tubes
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Fit for purpose
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Check-it Ralph
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With some preparatory modeling, you'll never need to look at another crack!
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Drawing on experience (get it? drawing?)
Devoted to the details
Bringing your building into focus
Building clarity, defining details
Drawing details, building clarity
Before the first cut
The right tool for the job
The mouse is mightier than the chipping gun; or, The mouse is mightier than the sawzall
Drawn to the best route forward
Drawn to craftsmanship
Some sort of wordplay with the word "draft", since another older term for a detailer is a "drafter"?

The one thing I can't do, sadly, is specifically reference pipes xor ductwork. If I reference one I have to reference the other. Like, if I just talk about plumbing/piping the duct people will be inconsolable.
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Ah, our "customers" are probably our own internal field team -- those tradesfolk who actually still get dirty boots, instead of doing virtual pipe. We build high rises, hospitals, schools, major marine projects, etc. The wider-world customer is the building owner.
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The mouse is mightier than the sawzall

This is good.
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Virtual viaduct

Building bridges visually, virtually, yada yada
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Model twice, fit once
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Thinking buildings through

Thinking like a building
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Personally, I'd probably go for kind of dull: "thinking ahead," "getting the details right," "no surprises," etc.

Slightly silly: "pen to pipe," "the best laid plans," "building strategies," "of course it will fit."

Very silly and probably copyright infringing: "think before you flush."
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Is there a reason why you're not calling yourselves the Super Mario Brothers because that is absolutely what I'd do in your position.
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Seamless design, every time

No nuts, no bolts

A smooth finish, from the start

Every plan a palace

Ten thousand simulations can't be wrong
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Our bits, your pieces
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Virtually Designing for Reality Accuracy
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Or to riff on Acheman's suggestion: Super Modeler Brothers?

(I was trying to think if there was a gender-inclusive way to phrase it, but I'm coming up short on that front. Maybe someone else has a better idea there.)
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Know the Flow

(or, We Know the Flow)

Know Before You Flow

It's Dangerous to Flow Alone
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True Tube

Canduit / CanDoIt
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Pipe Dreams.

Super Mario Modellers.
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