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What games should I play on a (somewhat elderly) MacOS laptop or an iphone that are RPG ish but focused on large, complex sets of things to collect and tasks to do that aren't repetitive?

I loved Pokemon when I was a kid but I don't want to buy another device, and Pokemon Go isn't the same. I loved Stardew Valley but I've already accomplished all the tasks and collected all the things. I was playing Diablo 3, which I liked for the gear collecting and figuring out all the complex interactions between gear and skills and fighting style — but I want to stop playing Blizzard games after the recent news.

Other things:
- I don't care that much about narrative, I always skip cutscenes.
- I only play solo, so I'm not interested in games that require other humans.
- I prefer 2d/isometric rather than 3d, and I can't deal with FPS-style at all.

What are your faves in this genre?
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Why not just play Pokemon? Surely there are emulators available for Mac, I know they are available on iPhones. There have never been any good Pokemon ripoffs, unfortunately.

If you end up going the Emulator route, I'd also recommend Zelda: The Minish Cap. It's a great little game and collecting the little optional things was really satisfying.
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There are a fair number of Pokemon-inspired iOS games. You'll probably have to try a fair number to find one that you like, but I'm sure at least one will scratch the itch for you. I liked Dragon Island Blue and Neomon.

For the computer you might consider looking into the wonderful world of fan-made Pokemon games. For example, Pokemon Omicron/Zeta.
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I've tried emulators for MacOS in the past and they never worked properly, there was lots of crashing and freezing and data loss and messing with terminal commands. Is there a well-made emulator out there now? Can you recommend one?

Also, it doesn't have to be a Pokemon-clone game, it could be anything! Diablo 3 is very different from Pokemon but they both have lots of things to collect and upgrade.
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Retroarch is probably the easiest multi-purpose emulator.

Torchlight (1 & 2) is a more laid back RPG - similar rarity, sets, etc. for gear. A bit older now, but still fun and they go on sale for cheap regularly.
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Try Siralim 3! It's a monster-capturing-and-customizing-game with a huge variety of monster skills and spells. Very modest system requirements, playable on Mac and iPhone, and you can sync your progress across devices. The gameplay can be repetitious as it's superficially very simple, but it's a game that can be as complicated as you want it to be. There's a basic plot, but it doesn't get in the way of constant dungeon crawling and upgrading your roster of monstrous combatants.
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OpenEmu is by far the best emulator I've used on the Mac. No messing around with terminal commands or crashing or anything.
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I am deep deep into Zelda: Breath of the Wild right now and I think it checks all your boxes. A++ would play again.
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The Suikoden franchise is all about collecting characters. You put them in FF-style parties of 4-6 (depending on which installment it is) and level them up that way.

None of the games are FPS-style. The best ones are IV and V, IMO. If you're fond of the retro style of Stardew Valley, Suikoden I and II should be pleasant, and should be the easiest to emulate also. Suikoden III is…an odd duck, so to speak…and Suikoden Tactics is not a JRPG like the others, but rather a tactical game like FF Tactics. You still collect characters in it, but it's less *about* doing that.

Most Suikodens, however, are narrative-heavy, and skipping cutscenes ranges from difficult to impossible-- at least on their original platforms, which were PS1 and PS2. Emulation may allow you a workaround there; I haven't messed with it in this way.
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