What are these mushrooms?
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These came up in the middle of a field in my neighborhood park. They remind me of inky cap or shaggy mane, which was why I stopped, but not quite. Did my neighborhood get a fancy edible mushroom windfall (unlikely), or are they something else?
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PS, I’m clearly not eating them without an absolutely positive ID from someone credible, so no admonitions please!
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Scaly Inky Cap? Wooly-stalked coprinus?

Hard to get a firm ID without a closer look at the stem and gills... did the veil leave a ring on the stalk or fibers on the cap? Are the gills drying or dissolving?

I'm looking in my Audubon Mushroom Field Guide, as I actually saw a very similar mushroom come up here in BC a few days ago. Mine are shaggy mane, but ymmv.
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Just went back to see what they were doing today. They look like this and there will be a bunch of new ones tomorrow.
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Aminita are not umbrella but capped while in early stages.
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Hmm. With that gill color and pattern... that might be a shaggy mane after all. What did you see that looked off to you? Also scaly ink caps would be unusual to find in a field, like shaggy manes do...they generally grow on hardwood debris.

Shaggy mane stalks are hollow with a central strand of fibers, while scaly ink caps will have brownish runners (rhizomorphs) at the base.

Scaly ink caps taste terrible btw.
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Ananci, thanks! The shape didn’t seem quite right - they’re shorter and rounder than I’d have thought, and less shaggy than what I think a shaggy mane should look like. But they are on the right kind of ground (a disturbed field) and looked right as they broke down, so I could be thinking too narrowly.
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r/mycology can probably help.
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That's a bad link. Use this: https://www.reddit.com/r/mycology/
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Look like delicious shaggy manes. IANAM
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