Vancouver and Victoria Needlework Stores
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I'm visiting Vancouver and Victoria in the next few weeks and am wondering if there are shops with needlework sections that are worth visiting?

I'm visiting from Australia which doesn't have much so I'd love to see a good range of equipment in person (especially stands). Also are any of the big box stores worth visiting?
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For Victoria, there's Button and Needlework Boutique downtown, though I'm not sure what they have for hardware. Knotty by Nature is fibre heaven, though more spinning/knitting oriented. Michael's is a chain craft store thing that probably has some stands and etc.

The local Embroiderer's Guild are probably your best bet for insider info. It's also worth noting that there are a ton of thrift stores and antique and auction houses in town that might turn up something worthwhile.

Memail me if you have other questions or want to meet for some stitching or shop browsing (I'm mostly a knitter, but i do dabble in needlework).
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Vancouver's Guild of Embroiderers has a few recommended shops listed on their website here.

You may also want to stop by Dressew -- it's mainly a fabric store, but it's always fun to wander through all the aisles of notions in their basement.
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