Why won't Syma apps from the app store work with a Syma QC?
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I bought a Syma X22W quadcopter. But the apps in the Android app store by Syma do not seem to control it. When I download and open them, there are controls and options. But I can't get the app to connect to the phone, or the quadcopter to connect to the app. I can control the app with the handheld controller but not from the phone controller built into the apps.

For example, the camera on the quadcopter does not show an image in the camera function of any of the Syma apps I tried; Syma Go, Syma Go+. Syma Fly and Syma FPV. The instructions with the QC don't specify which app I should use. Although the same non-Internet connected WIFI option appears on the phone with several of the above Syma apps, none of them seem to work. Is there an app that should work, and if it should, is there something I can do to get that app to work? Or is there a non Syma app that will work with the X22W?
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Maybe you are already doing this, but are you connecting your phone to the drone wifi ("FPV_WIFI_xxx") - normally you must do this in the android settings before starting any of the apps.

Some Android phones will decide not to use the connection as it doesn't give internet access, some will prompt if you want to keep using it as there's no internet access - you have to choose "use anyway" or "use as is". It can help to turn off your mobile data, as that means it has no choice but to use wifi, or you may be able to find a setting like "Smart Network Switch" that you can turn off.
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I don't have any Syma quadcopters but I've done a lot of quadcopter hobby stuff, so, I'm making guesses based on experience and a bit of google, take my advice with grain of salt:

According to the product page and the manual (page 9 of the PDF / page 8 if you're going by the printed numbers), "Syma Go" is the app you want.

Have you seen this video? It goes through the process described in the manual. There are some jump-cuts, which suggests the person making the video had to fiddle with it too.

Random thoughts from working with similar low-cost quadcopters: Compare the lights on the quadcopter's arms in the video to what you're seeing before/after you connect to the wifi and before/after you press 'start' in the app, that should give you some extra info. Make sure the transmitter/handheld controller is entirely turned off -- it's possible it's connecting to your quadcopter first, and then the quadcopter is refusing the connection from the app (because it already has a controller).

It might be worth google searching "[your phone model] Syma X22W" to see if anyone's posted experiences getting it to work, and maybe working around phone-specific quirks, if you haven't already.
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