Learning to fish in Kitsap County
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I live near Port Orchard, WA. I am interested in learning to fish. Help!

I am interested in learning how to fish - not for sport or catch-and-release, but to catch fish I can bring home and eat. I don’t own a boat so I am looking for places accessible by shore. I am at the very beginning of exploring this idea.

I have been fishing a number of times in my life, but always with relatives who own a boat and tons of equipment/gear. I own effectively no equipment currently.

1. What are the best resources to turn to for learning, deciding what to buy, etc? Books, websites, forums, etc. I like to read up a ton before I start anything new.
2. Suggestions for places to fish out in my area?
3. What do you think I should know about learning to fish for sustenance?
4. I am also interested in other seafood - clams, etc - that can potentially be harvested.
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Don't have a lot of suggestions, do narrow it down by ocean or stream gear and hit the yard sales hard. For shellfish learn about red tides and really wait for an all clear. Don't know if there are geoducks in season but the technique as I remember is to walk along a low tide with a partner, the one not carrying the shovel grabs the neck and hangs on while the partner digs like crazy.
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Take a look at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife pages, they have info on there about licensing and fishing areas, here's the licensing page. You should probably start by narrowing it down. You know you don't have a boat so any fishing/gathering will have to be done from shore or pier. Which kind of fish do you prefer to catch, trout? Salmon? Bass? That will help detetmine what kind of water you need to fish in. Also, another way to break it down is, are the fish you want in salt water or fresh water? Washington is complicated because of all the different types of things you can potentially harvest and the salt/fresh water option. I agree it's very frustrating to have so many options require some kind of boat. You might want to look into surf fishing, also if there are any docks near you see what options they offer. I know people crab and fish for squid off docks at least. If you happen to dive that opens up possibilities with spear fishing or other things. If you search "kitsap county fishing spots" there seems to be some good information in some of those pages. But start out by narrowing it down to one or two species or places to go, that will at least get you started. As for gear. yard sales or goodwill might have some or you could check pawn shops or craig's list. Good luck!
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Are you a woman? Washington Outdoor Women does fishing workshops.
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