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jason molina's label has a live minidisc with something scrawled on it and i have a list of european tour dates from twenty years ago. can anyone help us put two and two together to figure out which show it is?

i ran jason molina's website for sixteen years so the label likes to hit me with weird questions. they sent me a photo of this 20 year old minidisc and mentioned that it was part of a cache of recordings from songs: ohia's june/july 1999 european tour but they couldn't identify which one.

the shows with stars on the page are ones where recordings were known to exist at one point so there's a higher chance it's one of those (although not guaranteed).
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I think the second line says says "Vogelenzangseweg", which means "birdsong way" and is the name of a street in Aerdenhout on the outskirts of Haarlem according to Google Maps. So maybe it's the Haarlem show? No idea what the first line says though.
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The first line is the name of a fellow who lives in Vogelenzang. He has a Facebook account and is a music fan, and I'm guessing this is his home address.
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Vogelenzang is apparently a small town / area near Haarlem (Vogelenzang Way presumably the road heading there).

It seems like a rural tulip area, not sure if the festival in Amsterdam could have been there (ie if it's an outdoor festival held in an open area near the city).
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yikes, if this is someone's name/address i'm going to take it down.

Knapp- can u msg me with the proper spelling of the name (and maybe the facebook profile)? i'll pass it along to the label and between the two i'm guessing they'll figure it out.
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(nvm- i think i figured out the name/facebook profile. thanks for the help everyone!)
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