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I'm looking for a certain music video (genre: modern-day pop) featuring an elderly interracial couple flashing back and deciding to reenact their younger days on the lake.

I'm looking for a video (genre: modern-day pop) that opens with a elderly interracial couple (black man/white woman) lying in their bed, with the woman obviously ill. The video flashes back to their "younger days", first as a couple in their 20's taking a trip to the lake (including a scene of them driving in a van with their dog), and then to when they were kids. The couple decides to reenact the trip to the lake (the dog is sadly absent this time around) and they wind up in a boat on presumably the same lake they took the original trip on. I think it ends with the woman peaceably passing away in her husband's arms and a red balloon floating up towards the heavens.

I actually saw this video at a 24 Hour Fitness so it's probably a song that millions of other people know. I'm admittedly not that much into modern pop (I'm more into the "flashback" subject matter of the video), but I would be interested in knowing the artist/song in question so I can look up the video again.
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