Why do ants climb trees at night?
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I walk my dog three times a day, and because he spends a lot of time inspecting trees, I have little choice but to do the same. I often notice ants climbing up and down, but only at night. Tiny ants and huge ones. What are they doing? Why only at night? (This is in NYC.)
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Best answer: Carpenter ants build their nests in trees and are nocturnal. Members within a single colony are polymorphic and come in different sizes, so the large and small ants you see might be the same species.
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I was in Costa Rica a while ago, and we took evening walks daily near our hotel and passed carpenter ants in long single lines carrying shreds of leaves from a tree, which they climbed, to their presumed nest, in a drain grate. The lines were the length of a city block, to and from along the curb - there must have been thousands - and the ants came out only at night. I don't know if they are simply a nocturnal species or if they prefer the cooler temperatures at night. They were never there in the day.
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