Where to find a TTRPG group in north Seattle?
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I’d like to find a group to play D&D (or other RPG) with in the northern part of Seattle! Seattle folks, any tips for a transplant on how to find a new gaming group around here?

We moved to Seattle (Greenwood) a couple of years ago, but I have yet to find a group to play games with. I work remotely, which I love but makes meeting people more difficult in general. My current main social activity is curling, but I haven’t found the intersection of curlers with D&D nerds yet.

In other cities I’ve usually found a Facebook group or a subreddit or something which people use to put together new games, but I haven’t identified it here yet. :( Mox is awesome as a supply store but their events seem to skew really heavily towards Magic and wargamers.

Any ideas? Web forums I don’t know about, stores which have more RPG events, etc? I feel like this community has to exist around here but I haven’t figured out the entry point.
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I live in Greenwood and we love board games but not D&D. I do have a close friend who is in a D&D group over in Maple Leaf tho.
I'll keep my ears open.
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It's a forum with people from everywhere, but I have to put in a good word for rpg.net. They have a very active community and will probably have some advice for you in addition to what Mefi offersI'm in Sammamish, which is east instead of north, but I do hope you find something.
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Look on Meetup.com. There is a regular D&D group in the Shoreline area. (I had thought of signing up, but then my life got ridiculously busy, so...didn't sign up.)
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There’s also a Facebook group.
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The relevant reddit would be https://www.reddit.com/r/lfg/.
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Assuming the Puget Sound area kept their Adventurers League set up the same after the volunteer fallout 4 or so years ago, public games are listed in Warhorn.net or Meetup.
AL is at the center of how people find new games, and also allows you to play at conventions and stuff. It's all volunteer and without support from Wizards since the volunteer lawsuits some years back so can vary a LOT from region to region.
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Is Edmonds too far? I like Around the Table, although I've only played with people I already knew and haven't gone to any of their organized events.
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