Learning geology from youtube
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What are the best videos on Youtube for developing an understanding of geology, rock types, and plate tectonics? I'm looking for visuals that help me learn, or just great explanations. Prefer an in-the-mountains perspective over a classroom-with-diagrams perspective. Thank you.
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Nick Zenter does a great series of videos on the geology of the Washington State area. Topics include tsunamis, volcanoes, plate tectonics, gold mines, and more. His style includes a lot of chalkboard work, and then some video of the areas in question.
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PBS EONS This lecture on Pacific Northwest Megaflood is great.
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Also distributed via PBS is The Himalaya Connection (related article) from a couple of years ago which discusses recent discoveries indicating that Bangladesh and the far eastern “Seven Sisters” provinces of India are at more risk of earthquake activity than was previously suspected.

Not video but a few free/open textbooks about geology are available on the University of Minnesota's Open Textbook Library, featured in an FPP half a decade ago but still going strong.
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