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Help me find these laid back books please

I read several books as a teen (late 60s early 70s) that were written in a very mellow semi-autobiograpy style set in New England--maybe upper New York, New Hampshire, Vermont? They were written by an older woman (maybe named Grace?) about her and her friend Jill, and their life in the country.

She wrote about their raising Cocker Spaniels and Irish Setters, and Jill judged dog shows. The author loved to cook and can; they both loved to garden and grow flowers. The house they lived in was old--at least 100 years or so. She occasionally talked about the the history, the property and house-- it had original hard wood floors and ancient windows. They enjoyed antiquing, and she had a collection of....cut glass? carnival glass?

They both had been married, lived in the city, had jobs, both had kids, and then they moved to the country after both their husbands died. As a kid, I never got the idea that they were bi--or if they were, it wasn't expressed/went over my head.

I doubt if the books were best sellers or super poplar, and they would have been books that you would have thought your mom might have enjoyed reading.
Metafilter, can you hope me?
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Stillmeadow by Gladys Taber?
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Almost certainly the Stillmeadow books. Here is an article about them: A Stillmeadow Primer.
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I’m so glad this question got asked because I’ve never heard of these books and they sound wonderful .
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Bingo! You guys are amazing!

Pusskillian, try the books. They are a fun and soothing read. Makes me want to pursue that quietude in my life.
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